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Brain drain has been a buzzword for members of society to talk about and studies abroad has been a trend for teenagers. In both the context, education is the prime concern. In the modern age especially in Nepal, education is just taken as a means of earning, but we believe that education is much more than that. In fact, it is life and it is indispensable. Without it, we cannot imagine a civilized, affluent and developed society.

We know that education is the soul of the society as it makes the people civilized and independent. They can use their conscience to lead the country to the path of success. Annapurna  acknowledges the fact about a dynamic and civilized society. Thus, we are very much alert to preserve and consolidate our rich diverse culture, moral norms and values of the society. We prepare students, to inculcate all these qualities in their academic pursuit and reflect them in their actions and conduct.

We assure all the propective students that we have the credentials required that allow them to become an ideal student: disciplined, dedicated, determined and discovering. We have also given priority to the fusion of parents’ experience, children’s zeal and highly professional and committed teachers’ involvement.

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Jyatha, Kathmandu, Nepal